In 2002, inspired by naturopathic philosophies and deep commitment to collaborative care, Naturopathic Doctor, Alana Barmby, founded the Saskatoon Wellness Centre. It was one of the first integrative multi-disciplinary clinics in Saskatoon.
The Saskatoon Wellness Centre is committed to excellence. We are blessed with a team of experts who are passionate and dedicated to their chosen fields, as well as their clients and community. They are continually updating and expanding their knowledge base to best serve their clients.
We are focused on getting to the root of the problem. With you as the team captain, we will find solutions in order to optimize your health and help you realize your true potential.
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Meet the Team

Dr. Alana Barmby, BA (HONS), ND
Dr. Alana Barmby, BA (HONS), NDNaturopathic Doctor
Integrative, Environmental Mind/Body Medicine
Dr. Joseph Schnurr, BA, MD, MA
Dr. Joseph Schnurr, BA, MD, MAFamily Physician
Integrative & Functional Medicine
Karen Lucky, Dip PT, BA, CAFCI
Karen Lucky, Dip PT, BA, CAFCIPhysical Therapy & Acupuncture
Leanne Dickie Chester, RMT
Leanne Dickie Chester, RMT Registered Massage Therapist
Katherine Harriman, MSW, RSW
Katherine Harriman, MSW, RSWCounsellor, Social Worker
Dr. Stephanie Liebrecht, BSc., ND
Dr. Stephanie Liebrecht, BSc., NDNaturopathic Doctor
Tammy Wyatt, RMT
Tammy Wyatt, RMT Registered Massage Therapist
Stephanie Serblowski, RMT
Stephanie Serblowski, RMT Registered Massage Therapist